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Communiqué of the Emergency Meeting of the African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM –MIPREDA) on 1st February 2024 (virtual – Zoom technology)

The Chairperson of the Honorary Advisory Council (HAC) of the African First Ladies Mission (AFLPM-MIPREDA) convened an emergency Assembly Meeting to discuss the appointment of a Vice President and other related issues on the future of the Organization based on the provisions of Article 17 (4) of the Charter of the African First Ladies Peace Mission.

In attendance were the members of the Honorary Advisory Council, Current First Ladies and Past First Ladies of African States.

Having extensively discussed the leadership and future of AFLPM-MIPREDA the following decisions were made and are to take immediate effect.

Members therefore nominated the following:

  1. H.E Mrs. Fatoumatta Bah Barrow, First Lady of the Republic of The Gambia, as President of AFLPM-MIPREDA
  2. H.E Mme Fatima Vila Nova, First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Soa Tome and Principe as Vice President of AFLPM-MIPREDA

The Assembly further nominated

H.E Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, a Former First Lady and the Former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia as the Executive Secretary who will assume Office under the new nomenclature of SECRETARY – GENERAL of the African First ladies Peace Mission.

With this new leadership in place, the Assembly is confident that a new dawn has emerged for AFLPM-MIPREDA.

The Assembly concluded the meeting by asserting that, the urgency of peacebuilding cannot be overstated and AFLPM-MIPREDA is committed to working assiduously toward the Mission, Vision and Strategic objective of the Organization for the promotion of peace, stability and development in Africa.

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