The African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM), known by its French Acronym MIPREDA, is a product of the World’s 4th Women Conference organized by the United Nations in Beijing, China in 1995, otherwise known as the Beijing Conference. The AFLPM in its conceptualization, is designed as an umbrella body of wives of African Heads of State/Presidents and Government with a mandate to play a supportive role to the African Union, regional organizations and national governments in fostering peace and mitigating conflicts on the African continent. It thus epitomizes the role of women in mobilizing both government and non-governmental resources to help reduce violent conflicts and their effects on the Continent.

Since its formal inauguration in 1997, the Peace Mission has thrived to achieve its broad objectives, namely; building a culture of peace and development in Africa, offering support and services to victims in conflict afflicted countries in Africa and using appropriate mechanisms as well as institutions to protect women and children in armed conflict areas. Worthy of note in this regard is the humanitarian assistance to victims of wars and conflicts across the Continent, which has garnered accolades to the Organization from far and near.